J. G. Fox lives and works in London.

He works mainly in the genre of classical architectural drawing and painting.

Awards and Accolades

  • Winner of the International Confederation of Art Critics Award, at the London Art Biennale 2023
  • Commended in Archisource Drawing of the Year 2022 competition, Architectural Category
  • Selected for London Art Biennale, 2023
  • Selected for Art Gemini Prize 2023
  • Selected for Hari Art Prize 2023
  • Selected for the London Group Open, 2023
  • Selected for Green & Stone Summer Exhibition 2023
  • Selected for Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers Exhibition 2023


Selected Critique

Merging Eras and Ideas: The Art of J. G. Fox

In the turbulent seas of contemporary art, J. G. Fox’s work emerges as an island of intrigue, standing resilient against the monotonous tides. At first glance, the artwork captivates with its foundational homage to Victorian architectural prints – an era characterised by detailed ornamentation, patterned intricacy, and an air of romantic nostalgia. However, dwelling longer within the realms of each piece allows one to navigate through the labyrinth of witty additions, political undertones, and the rich tapestry of art historical references interwoven with contemporary societal observations.
Fox’s brilliance lies in his ability to bridge epochs; he transports the viewer through time, enabling conversations between the Victorian ethos and the modern-day narratives. The Victorian elements in the artwork act as a structured stage where the drama of modern commentary unfolds. Within the formal elegance and architectural rigidity, Fox introduces elements that dance with a mischievous lightness, embodying humour and satire that gently poke at the established norms, political structures, and the art world itself.
The subtlety of the inserted witticisms and references requires an engaged viewing. One finds oneself playing detective, decoding the layered messages and appreciating the nuanced dialogues established within the compositions. These witty additions serve as a conduit, connecting the artwork to broader discussions that extend beyond the canvas into realms of societal commentary and critical discourse.
In his creative process, Fox invites a multitude of characters and icons from art history to participate in his narrative constructs. These references are not mere aesthetic adornments but are critical participants that facilitate a deeper exploration of artistic evolution, influence, and the continuous dialogue across times and styles.
Examining Fox's works, one appreciates the deftness and consideration with which each piece is curated. The convergence of style and substance is balanced, ensuring that the artwork resonates with both visual appeal and intellectual stimulation. Each composition is an invitation to delve into a multidimensional universe, encouraging viewers to negotiate the pathways of history, art, and contemporary discourse.
J. G. Fox’s artistry flourishes in its sophisticated interplay of historical elegance and modern provocations. His works are potent vessels carrying narratives enriched with the diversity of thought, encouraging a delightful yet profound engagement with the multitude of layers unveiled within the tapestry of his creations.

Timothy Warrington, ICAC, writing after the London Art Biennale 2023