The Art of J. G. Fox

by Eric Matsodo

The first major monograph of the work of J. G. Fox. This beautiful hard-cover book is available on Amazon now.

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Books featuring J. G. Fox's work


by Archisource

Whether you're experiencing creative block, trying to inspire your next breakthrough idea, or want to inject more creative flair into your project - the Ideas Pocketbook has got you covered!

Spanning over 200 pages, the Ideas Pocketbook is packed with remarkable, standout drawings. It's been designed to be a tool that ignites creativity and provides inspiration through the best imagery from the past year.

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Drawing Manual


by Archisource

How many times have you seen a drawing and thought - 'How did they make that?!'

What software did they use? How do I create drawings like that?

The Drawing Manual dives into the creative process of over 50 top creators, standout talents and award winning architects, designers and artists with process breakdowns and exclusive insights.